Fun things to do with your pets around South Morang!

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Fun things to do with your pets around South Morang!


We all love our pets – but it’s easy to get slack taking your dog for a walk or keeping your cat happy with something to scratch or play with. It’s important for your pet’s wellbeing to keep them active and entertained! There’s plenty to do with your pet around South Morang to keep them exercising and socialising with other pets, so we’ve put together a list of activities you can do with your fur-baby!


Off-leash dog parks

If you’ve got a dog, you should check out these park locations where you can let them off the lead and let them run around with other dogs in the neighbourhood! This is a great way to let them socialise with other dogs and play! Playing with other dogs or running around in a new open area will do wonders for your dog’s mental and physical health. It will also tire them out so they’re less restless at home (great if you’ve got a dog with too much energy!). Toys to play with can be found at Petbarn Central South Morang, Dollars and Cents and Woolworths!

Dog parks around South Morang are located at:


Walking tracks

Take your dog for a walk around the track at the Quarry Hills Municipal Park and the Henderson Creek Wetlands in Epping! Great exercise for both you and your dog! Get some fresh air after work or on the weekend and bond with your pet! If you need a snazzy new lead, portable doggy water bowl, treats or jacket to keep warm over winter, PetBarn can help you out!

Go for a trip to Petbarn!

Did you know that you can actually bring your pet (on a leash) into Petbarn at Central South Morang? Bring your fur-baby along to check out treats, toys, try on jackets and clothes, shop for premium pet food, grooming products and more! If you’re not sure what your pet will love, they might choose themselves!

Cat scratchers

While most cats might not enjoy heading outside for a leashed walk, you can entertain them in your own home! Stop your cat from scratching your couch and get them a cat scratching tower! There are so many cat scratchers on the market, get one that your cat will love from Petbarn at Central South Morang. We’re sure your kitty will love you for it. There is also a great range of cat toys at both PetBarn and Dollars and Cents, Central South Morang.


At Central South Morang, we’ve got everything your pet will ever need! Check out Petbarn for their specialty pet products, Dollars & Cents for toys and accessories, and Woolworths for pet food and treats! Tasman meats also have a pet food range, so pick up meat for the whole family next time you stop in!


We love seeing your pets around South Morang! If you bring your pet along to Central South Morang’s Petbarn, upload a photo and tag our Facebook page or Instagram @centralsouthmorang.