Maple Tree Cafe - Central South Morang Shopping Centre
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Maple Tree Cafe

Maple Tree Café is all about quality. We focus on how we can deliver you the best produce that Victoria has to offer. By using organic produce and home grown vegetables, we can ensure taste and quality, so come in and try our modern take on café food in a relaxing setting which is inspired by nature.


Sustainability and being environmentally responsible is a big part of what we do which is why our supplier for the organic, healthy and renowned tea is Tea Tonic; the only company to use Unbleached tea bag filter paper in Australia. Organico Prima is a boutique coffee company devoted to providing the freshest premium organic coffee available which is also fair trade and rainforest alliance certified.



Maple Tree Cafe


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03 8418 3085

Store Trading Hours

Mon - Fri: 7am to 3:30pm
Sat: 7am to 3pm
Sun: 8am to 3pm

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