Optiplex Children’s Eyecare is a proudly independent optometry practice located in South Morang Led by Dr. Steven Lam.

Dr. Lam is a clinical optometrist that has extensive experience in children’s vision and specialty contact lenses, particularly orthokeratology, as well as other advanced lens fits.

Dr Lam also offers a menu of dry eye treatments, vision therapies, and myopia control solutions. He also treats eye allergies, eye infections, glaucoma, and other ocular pathologies.

He seeks to serve a high level of eye care by providing his patients an academic experience in a boutique environment.

Services Available:

  • Comprehensive Children’s & Adult Eye Test
  • Myopia Control | Orthokeratology
  • Emergency Eyecare | Foreign Body Removal
  • Glaucoma Management
  • Diabetic eye assessments
  • Dry Eye Assessments. & Management
  • Vision Therapy for Increased focusing
  • Contact lens fitting and glasses


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