Reusable Shopping Bags @ Central South Morang!

Re-usable shopping bags

Reusable Shopping Bags @ Central South Morang!

Last month, major supermarkets across the country stopped providing single-use plastic bags. This is a great step toward a greener future!


Plastic has a huge negative impact on the environment, and Woolworths has committed to reducing their plastic footprint by removing over 3.2 billion single-use plastic bags from circulation every year.


Now we all need to change our habits and remember to bring our own reusable bags every time we head down to the supermarket. And why not use eco-friendly shopping bags at other stores too? These new habits wont only be useful for shopping at the supermarket, but for shopping at other stores too! If we get into the habit of bringing our green bags to the supermarket, then we’re more likely to bring our own bags to other stores too, further reducing the use of disposable plastic bags.


Did you catch us last month giving away Central South Morang reusable shopping bags? If you missed out, reusable shopping bags are available for purchase at Central South Morang from Woolworths and Dollars & Cents. We especially love the roll-up bags that fold up neatly and are small enough to fit in your handbag or can be easily stored in the car- so you always have one with you!


Woolworths are currently running a promotion with their ‘Bag for Good’ green bags where they will replace your bag for free if it ever gets damaged. And, if you purchase a ‘Bag for Good’ within the next 12 months, they will donate all profits made from the bag to the Woolworths Junior Landcare Grants Program.


For more information on the ban of single-use plastic bags at Woolworths, read all about it on their website.


We’re excited to see everyone with their reusable shopping bags at Central South Morang! If you have any tips on remembering to bring your bags to the shops, let us know on our Facebook page! We’d love to share your advice with other Central South Morang shoppers.

Reusable shopping bags

(Reusable shopping bag giveaway last month @ Central South Morang)